Daily Spending Calculator

Step 1: Identify how much money you take home per month. (After all withdrawals) $
Step 2: Subtract out your fixed costs & or bills you know you always have to pay. Use actuals.
Fixed Costs:
Mortgage: $
Rent: $
Student Loans: $
Car Loans: $
Power: $
Gas: $
Water: $
Phone: $
Television: $
Dry Cleaning: $
Day Care: $
Tithe: $
Neighborhood Dues: $
Other dues/memberships: $
Tuition: $
City: $
Insurance: $
Prescriptions: $
Other: $
Other: $
Other: $
Other: $
Other: $
Total: $
Step 3: What's left over? (Subtract Step 2 from Step 1) $
You now have a bucket of money left over. How much of that are you going to spend on essentials, i.e. Food and Gasoline?
Step 4: Essential Costs
Food per month: $  
Gasoline per month: $  
Total $
Step 5: What's left over now? (Subtract Step 4 from Step 3) $
Step 6: How much are you going to save???? $
Step 7: Determine your daily spend.
  Subtract Step 6 from Step 5: $
  Number of days you are paid for each month (i.e. if you are paid every 2 weeks, you would enter 28 - if you are paid once a month, you would enter 28, 20 or 31): $
  Divide this amount by the number of days in your pay period:  
  Daily Spend: Total =
Step 8: Monthly Essentials:
  Take each from Step 4 and divide each by 4.  

Well done. You now have you daily spending amount figure. Once you click the submit
button, the next page will populate with your own personalized calendar.

Your Winning With Money Calendar is an integral piece is managing your monthly
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create a solid understanding of your current cash position and also to help in your daily

For details on the best way to manage your calendar – I highly recommend purchasing
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